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Trademarks V. Brands: An Asia Perspective Part 3

In Part 3 of our trademarks series, ‘Trademarks V. Brands: An Asia Perspective’, the Speakers explain the various steps TM owners can take to enforce their rights in cases of... Read more

Trademarks V. Brands: An Asia Perspective Part 1

Part 1 of our trademarks series ‘Trademarks V. Brands: An Asia Perspective’ covers all the fundamentals you need to know for protecting your brands in Singapore, Malaysia, India and China... Read more

"The Invisible Edge" A Power Luncheon Talk by Alpha & Omega Law Corporation & Broc Consulting

Organisation/Invitee: Alpha & Omega Law Corporation and Broc Consulting Event Name: "The Invisible Edge" Topics: Overview of the importance of intangible assets, corporate branding and related laws to promote brand portfolio and generate... Read more